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Physical aspect

For the physical part we added fertile clay minerals which offer the basis for an optimal soil structure, retaining water and minerals.

water holding capacity 

a steady basis of nutrients for plants to grow

the clay minerals are negatively charged, and minerals are positively charged = they hold onto each other 

Biological aspect

For the biological part we added organic matter filled with microbial life. 

Making minerals and trace elements available for plants. They exchange these for sugars produced by the plants through photosynthesis. 

Life in the soil is the true accelerator of photosynthesis, the process in which plants take upon CO₂ from the atmosphere.

Chemical aspect

Our Golden Mix contains more than 60 minerals, and high levels of nutrients and trace elements. It consists of at least 52% silicium and is rich in trace elements like borium, manganese and copper. Our volcanic rock dust is 100% natural and we’re listed on the SKAL input list, so it’s allowed to be used for organic farming.

Volcanic rock dust stores high levels of CO2 during the weathering process.


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